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sad penguinos – first penguins

first sad penguin sketches
first sad penguin sketches

Location: Carbondale, Illinois
Date: January 2011
Description: studio sketches, recycled 8.5″ X 11″ printer paper
“i feel sorry for the human people”
“i changed all my light bulbs but it melted anyways”

These are the first penguins I painted. Sketched out in Sarah Lewison’s living room/studio outside Carbondale, Illinois. Late in the evening, I penciled and water colored them on paper from Sarah’s recycle bin. And taped them to the wall and snapped a couple of photos.
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sad penguins – giant wheat paste graffiti

i just feel sorry for the people
i just feel sorry for the people

Location: Portland, Oregon and Hawai’i
Date: 2011
Description: latex paint on painters paper, wheat paste, 6′ tall

I painted two 6′ tall sad penguins cutouts to wheat paste while living in Portland, Oregon. Honestly, I was a bit chicken to go out and paste them up. I finally pasted one up in a bus shelter on Hawai’i.
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