Refining Petroleum Performances

Refining Petroleum Performance: Table of Contents

Abstract: Petroleum Performances

This dissertation is a study of petroleum performances. It is a creative, performative, and speculative analysis of industrial petroleum operations, rhetorics about petroleum, and everyday North American life capacitated by petroleum products. North American petroleum operations and relations are examined through comparison and substitution with indigenous legal thought. This two part dissertation focuses the technical operations of a refinery and a crude oil pipeline hub.
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We are petroleum

street performance, Artwalk, Bellingham, December 2015
participatory performance: laminated printed scripts, polyester blankets, quilted banner, throw pillows.

caribou is our life, its our tools… its our clothing , its our food,… and its our shelter…
so everything, caribou, we do caribou dance, we do caribou song, we do caribou story
caribou is everything to us, that make us who we are,”
~ Sarah James (Sarah James: Indigenous Peoples and Climate Change, 2009)

petroleum is our life, its our tools its our clothing , its our food, and its our shelter.
so everything , petroleum, we do petroleum dance, we do petroleum song, we do petroleum story
petroleum is everything to us, that make us who we are.”

~ we are petroleum emulation
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duskin drum