Served or Served?

participatory performance ~ questionnaires

Served or Served
15 September 2017
4th Ural Industrial Biennial: Everyday Revolution Symposium.
Yekaterinburg, Russia

This is a performance I am currently developing.  I divide the participants into groups. Each group receives a different questionnaire about an aspect of the materiality of server farms and data centers.  The groups work together to answer the questions.

Then the answers are read aloud. The performance imitates the structure of a server farm. With each participant a different hard drive, the small groups are like different parallel servers.

After we discuss the materiality of servers and their arrangement of data recovery together.

A kind of participatory modeling of parallel structures of servers, and inherent limits in the restricting protocols of the operations and architecture of the network. I am trying to make a participatory performance that mimics, hopefully productively, some aspects of servers and data centers while discussing their material life.

I have only tried the performance once so far – it has promise.



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